Tuesday, December 12, 2017
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2017 WA State Math Championship

Courtesy Tanush Yadav

Today, over 1000 students from across the state took part in the Washington State Math Championship held in Blaine, WA. This involved several tests, including a 30-question individual test, mental math, and algebra, geometry, probability, and potpourri team tests. There were four divisions: 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.

U.S. Congresswoman Susan DelBene and Washington State Representative Luanne Van Werven presented the awards. Entertainer Alex Zerbe “The Zaniac”, who has been on The Last Comic Standing and America’s Got Talent, performed before the awards ceremony.

Bellevue students performed astonishingly in the competition. Out of the forty students who placed, X came from Bellevue schools. Additionally, Odle teams placed first in the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade divisions, while a Medina team placed first in the 5th grade division.


5th Grade

First Place Team: Medina Team 1

  1. Owen L Z, Medina Elementary
  2. David P, Medina Elementary
  3. Lucas T, Medina Elementary
  4. Owen J Z, Medina Elementary
  5. Michael Y, Medina Elementary

6th Grade

First Place Team: Odle Team 3

  1. Wilson L, Evergreen Middle School
  2. Edwin H, Odle Middle School
  3. Gene X, Odle Middle School
  4. Tristan T, Inglewood Middle School
  5. Sarah X, Pine Lake Middle School

7th Grade

First Place Team: Odle Team 1

  1. Neil C, Odle Middle School
  2. Dylan X, Lakeside Middle School
  3. Ray C, Kamiakan Middle School
  4. Melody W, Odle Middle School
  5. Andrew C, Odle Middle School

8th Grade

First Place Team: Odle Team 1

  1. Robert C, Odle Middle School
  2. Daniel H, Pine Lake Middle School
  3. Daniel S, Odle Middle School
  4. Patrick P, Lakeside Middle School
  5. Scott W, Lakeside Middle School


Full results can be viewed here: http://www.blaine.wednet.edu/mathchamps/Middle_School/2017_Results.html. The event was sponsored by the Blaine School District and the Phillips 66 Refinery.